Bhopal: BMC Commissioner Takes Stock Of Drinking Water Supply

WD News: BMC commissioner Harendra Narayan on Thursday took stock of the drinking water situation to ensure that the people do not face any hardship during the summers. While inspecting the water filter plants, the commissioner instructed officials to ensure proper supply in the city. Bhopal has 15 functioning water filter plants and of these 12 are on the bank of Upper Lake. Around 20 MLD water is drawn from Upper Lake and 10 MLD from Narmada water project for supply. Narmada water project contributes 33 per cent of total water supply in Bhopal

The commissioner also inspected the sewage treatment plants. He directed the officials to ensure that the treated sewage water is used for watering plants in central, side verges, parks and for horticulture .

Commissioner took the proper stock of chemicals. He instructed for starting the use of STPs installed at Suraj Nagar and Kaliyasot-Bhadbhada area and Kerwa dam road.

In compliance with the order of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the BMC is constructing two Sewage treatment plants (STPs) for conservation of Kaliasot River.

The completion of construction will be by July this year. According to municipal administration, Suraj Nagar STP will have capacity of 0.2 MLD while the treatment plant at Barkhedikalan nullah, Kerwa Dam road will have capacity of 0.45 MLD.


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