HMWSSB MD Reviews Water Management Plan

Hyderabad: Managing Director Sudarshan Reddy of HMWSSB held a review meeting with senior officials on Tuesday. During the meeting, various topics, including drinking water supply, tanker management strategy, MCC complaints, and the management of cooling stations in the city, were reviewed.

Additionally, proposals for monsoon planning were discussed, and it was suggested to utilise sewer jetting machines to prevent sewage overflow issues. The HMWSSB MD emphasised the need to increase the number of water supply trips by tanker and to address MCC complaints promptly.

Immediate action will be taken to resolve any complaints about polluted water. Furthermore, it was proposed to increase the number of chalivendrams(water kiosks) and provide drinking water to people at specified times. The officials will conduct daily field visits to address any emerging issues and, if necessary, make surprise inspections in relevant areas.


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