After Mangaluru, Udupi Announces Water Rationing; Will Travelers Face Costly Drinking Water?

Udupi, a favoured destination on the Karnataka coast, is facing water rationing, making it the second city after Mangaluru to implement such measures. Will this impact tourists planning to visit Udupi, known for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage? Many tourists prefer regular water over bottled water. Does this mean they’ll have to buy more bottled water now?

The Commissioner of the Udupi City Municipal Corporation, Rayappa, announced that water rationing would begin on Wednesday and continue until the reservoir’s water levels are restored to comfortable levels. With the dam across the Swarna river in Baje, the city’s sole water source, at only 3.25 meters compared to its top level of 6.30 meters, conservation measures are essential.

The decision to ration water will be reviewed periodically until the reservoir replenishes. Meanwhile, the Mangaluru City Corporation initiated water rationing on Saturday due to decreasing water levels in the Nethravati river reservoir at Thumbe.

In Mangaluru, the Thumbe vented dam, supplying drinking water, faces a storage shortage. The MCC opted for alternate-day water supply to conserve water until the summer’s end. The halt in Netravathi river inflow underscores the need for conservation. If daily supply continued, the existing storage would last just 16 days.

The water rationing in Mangaluru is a measure taken by the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) to manage the limited water supply during the current water shortage. However, the water provided on alternate days is not free. Residents will still be billed for their water usage as per the regular billing system. Contrarily, Mayor Sudheer Shetty Kannur expressed confidence in averting water scarcity this summer, but the MCC’s official announcement suggests otherwise, adjusting water supply to alternate days. Residents must conserve water to ensure sustainable access. In the wake of the Indian Meteorological Department’s (IMD) heatwave prediction for many districts in Karnataka and anticipated rains in others, water conservation is critical. The unpredictability of weather patterns necessitates proactive measures to safeguard water resources.

Tourists flock to Udupi for its renowned temples, pristine beaches, and delectable cuisine. Will the water rationing affect their experience? With the possibility of increased demand for bottled water due to rationing, tourists may face additional expenses. However, if the IMD’s rainfall predictions materialise, will it alleviate the water scarcity concerns? For now, Udupi and Mangaluru residents and visitors must adapt to the water rationing measures. Cooperation in water conservation efforts is paramount to ensure a sustainable supply for all amid changing climatic conditions. As the cities navigate through this challenge, the hope remains for timely rainfall and effective water management strategies to mitigate the impact of water scarcity.


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