Jamalpur STP has Started Showing Results: Seechewal

Ludhiana: Environmentalist and Rajya Sabha member Balbir Singh Seechewal on Tuesday inspected the Jamalpur sewage treatment plant where he had also called officials of the Ludhiana municipal corporation and Punjab Pollution Control Board. He said the plant built to treat the domestic discharge in Jamalpur has started showing better results. The MP was joined by Punjab Dyers’ Association members Bobby Jindal, Kamal Chauhan and others as well. The dyers’ body requested the officials to shut the sewage treatment plant down for a day to repair the drain as the tank of the dyeing industry has been leaking and the line of the plant passes in close proximity. However, the officials expressed their inability to close the plant even for a day. They said the maximum time they could offer was two to three hours. “If the plant is kept closed for the entire day, there will be a risk of sewage overflow in colonies,” they said, while advising the dyeing unit owners to use a special type of cement for the repair. Seechewal, meanwhile, also visited the banks of Buddha Nullah and reiterated his demand to stop discharge of dairy effluents in it.



Image source: TOI

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