PMC To Use AI to Revolutionise Water Distribution Tracking in Pune

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has created an application that uses AI to track water distribution via water tankers in the city. PMC officials said that on a pilot basis, the system has been set up at a water tanker point in Padmavati. The system will provide real-time information on the entry and exit of water tankers and the filling and distribution of water by each tanker across the city, they added.

On a daily basis, the PMC supplies 1,400 drinking water tankers to the citizens of Pune (including newly merged villages). The tankers are supplied by private vendors who supply drinking water to citizens free of cost. The PMC pays for the transportation of these private tankers. Around 300 private tankers purchase water from the PMC Tanker Points at a rate of ₹666 per tanker and supply it to the people.

PMC’s head of electric department Shrinivas Kandul said that eight PMC tankers are used to fill water in the tankers. These tankers are located in the following places: Wadgaon Sheri, Ramtekdi, Padmavati, Parvati, Pashan, Erandwane, Wadgaon and Chatuhshrungi; however, there is no actual monitoring of how much water is taken from each tanker point, and how many times a tanker arrives at the tanker point is not known.

Kandul further stated that AI-based CCTV cameras have been installed on a trial basis at Padmavati tanker point. The application provides real-time information on the amount of water taken from tanker points, and the number of tankers coming to refill water that is monitored. This information will help in understanding the real and artificial water shortage issues in the city.

Nandkishore Jagtap, who is the head of the water supply department, said the PMC will install the system at all the tanker points across the city if the test is successful. This AI-driven application will further improve transparency in the water supply and demand system. A record of all the points and tankers which consume water from PMC will be under check.


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