Bengaluru: Pilot Project to Channelise Treated Water from Apartments to Industries

Bengaluru: Nearly a month after the government allowed apartments to sell treated water from in-house sewage treatment plants (STPs), the Bangalore Apartment Federation (BAF) plans to launch a pilot project to understand the market and modality of sales.

Scheduled for an early May launch, the pilot project will concentrate on a solitary ward in Bellandur. Here, BAF is actively surveying the availability of treated water, aligning it with the demand from commercial establishments and construction sites.

“We are now finalising the availability of treated water in this area and the apartments that are willing to sell. This will be mapped with the demand and after this, the sales will begin,” explained BAF’s K. Arun Kumar. The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), which recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BAF will facilitate the sale by connecting the establishments seeking treated water with BAF.

“We are now working closely with BAF. Once the mapping is done, we will buy (treated) water from the apartments and supply it to the establishments through tankers. The apartments are also free to sell it on their own,” said BWSSB Chairman Ramprasat Manohar V.

Ground Reality

As the pilot project aids in assessing ground conditions, both BAF and BWSSB are strategising long-term endeavours, including the installation of pipelines from apartments to industries. This initiative aims to enable direct and consistent water supply in the future. BWSSB’s rough study indicates that apartment complexes throughout the city generate approximately 700 MLD of treated water. Although half of this volume is reused within the apartment complexes, the remaining 50% of treated water is currently being wasted due to the inability of the apartments to sell it. Studies indicate that Bengaluru boasts a staggering number of approximately 2,644 decentralised STPs, positioning it among the leading cities globally with the highest count of such facilities.

Designing an SOP

Alongside the pilot project, the Bangalore Apartment Federation (BAF) is also looking to develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to help apartments sell treated water generated on their premises. Despite obtaining government approval to sell treated water, confusion prevails over procedural framework. Also, the federation is exploring different methods to ensure the sold treated water adheres to quality standards. From engaging laboratories to experimenting with on-the-spot test kits, BAF is actively exploring available options.



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