Srirangam Sewage Treatment Plant in Kochi Nearing Completion

The STP is being built with a capacity to treat about two million litre of wastewater per day.

The STP is being built with a capacity to treat about two million litres of wastewater per day.

WD News: The construction of the city’s first decentralised onsite sewage treatment plant (STP) near the Yatri Nivas in Srirangam is likely to be completed within a month.

To prevent wastewater from polluting the Kollidam River, the civic body launched the construction work for the STP in February 2023 at a cost of Rs 77 lakhs.

Though the project was supposed to be commissioned in May, a delay in installing the collection and flocculation tanks to remove the solids from the wastewater was cited as the reason.

According to officials, the process will improve the quality of recycled water, which will be discharged into the Kollidam river as per standards laid down by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

The onsite STP was designed with the capacity to manage the surge in wastewater generation for the next two decades. The plant will remove pollutants and contaminants from the wastewater since the Kollidam River recharges multiple drinking water borewells on the riverbed.

Apart from preventing water pollution, it will safeguard the livelihood of washermen who rely on the river. To make the STP sustainable, a commercial complex will be constructed on the same campus.

Source & image courtesy: The Hindu/ M. Moorthy

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