HMWSSB to Restart Two Water Treatment Plants

HYDERABAD: To address the ever-increasing drinking water demand in certain areas of the city due to the depleting groundwater table, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) is going to restart two Modular Water Treatment Plants (MWTPs) between the Osman Sagar water conduit line and Asif Nagar filter beds to draw raw water of two million litres per day (MLD) and two MLD plants will be set up on the conduit line.

The two MLD plant will be ready and functional by this Wednesday or Thursday and the three MLD plant, by this weekend. These MWTPs will treat raw water and ensure water supply through tankers are delivered by establishing water filling stations to nearby local areas as well as Tadbund, Karwan, Shaikpet, Rajendranagar, Serilingampally, Jubilee Hills, Manikonda and other nearby areas.

These two MWTPs were procured in 2019 costing Rs. 70-75 lakhs each to draw raw water from Osman Sagar water conduit and supply it through water tankers after treatment at MWTPs. Now, they are being restored by the Water Board authorities to meet the additional water demand during the next three months, April to June, 2024.

According to officials, the raw water passing through the Osman Sagar conduit to Asif Nagar filter beds, near Mehdipatnam, will be tapped at the two MWTPs for treating the water to make it potable. Unlike the conventional treatment plants, modular treatment plants can be set up quickly, which follow the same treatment procedures but at a lower level and the water treated from them will be supplied for local areas.

They said that the raw water from the water conduit will be taken to these plants, where the water goes through different treatments such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ozonation. Then, the treated water will be supplied through water tankers to the nearby areas. These water treatment plants are ideal for emergency, temporary and semi-permanent solutions, they added.



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