From water conservation to cleanliness: PM puts forth 9 ‘requests’ before people

WD News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday put forth a set of nine “requests” before people, urging them to work towards fulfilling them. The PM made these “aagrahas” (requests) while addressing the inaugural function of the Swarved Mahamandir on the second and final day of his visit to his parliamentary constituency Varanasi.

“My first request is save every drop of water and make more and more people aware about water conservation. Second: Go from village-to-village and make people aware about digital transactions, teach them about online payment. Third: Work to make your village, your locality, your city number one in cleanliness,” he said.

“Fourth – Promote local, local products as much as possible, use only Made in India products. Fifth – As much as possible, first see your own country, travel around in your own country and if you want to go to another country, then you should not feel like going abroad until you see the whole country.

“And these days, I keep telling even big rich people that why are they getting married at destinations in foreign countries, so I said ‘Wed in India’, ‘Get married in India’,” he said.

“I say the sixth thing is keep making farmers more and more aware about natural farming. I had made this request to you last time also, now I am repeating it. This is a very important campaign to save Mother Earth. My seventh request is: Include Millets as Shri-Ann in your daily eating life, promote it widely, it is a super food,” Modi said.

“My eighth request is: be it fitness, yoga or sports, make it an integral part of your life. And the ninth request is: Be a supporter of at least one poor family, help them. This is necessary to remove poverty in India,” the prime minister said.


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