Dhanwapur STP may soon produce bio gas

Gurgaon: In a first, a bio-CNG plant will be established at the Dhanwapur sewage treatment plant (STP) to ensure optimal utilisation of resources and generate renewable energy. The move is part of GMDA’s expansion plans to augment the capacity of the Dhanwapur STP by an additional 100 MLD and to stop untreated water from reaching the Najafgarh drain.

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 166 crore. The metropolitan Authority has already invited bids and the project is expected to take two and a half years to complete after allotment. The plant will have the capacity to generate 5,000-10,000 distributing companies in the city. Along with 100 MLD STP, the Authority will also set up 200 MLD main pumping stations at the site for efficient operation of the STP. “The increasing population needs better wastewater management in the city. With the additional 100 MLD, the Dhanwapur STP capacity will increase to 318 MLD. The set up of the bio-CNG plant will not only provide a sustainable energy source but also aid operational cost to the plant,” said Rajesh Bansal, chief engineer of GMDA, Infra-II division. Presently, 215 MLD sewage discharge from Sector 1 to 23, 33 to 37 and villages such as Dundahera, Mullahera, Carterpuri, Gurgaon area are being received at the Dhanwapur STP against  the total existing capacity of 218 MLD. Earlier, GMDA was planning to construct an additional 100 MLD STP with a provision to generate electricity through methane gas produced at the plant and a tender was floated in Sept 2022. Subsequently, it cancelled the tendering process in March 2023 after the chief minister directed the Authority to revisit the design plan.

Source: Times of India

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