YEIDA to Ready 3 Sewage Treatment Plants by 2025 End

GREATER NOIDA: The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) will complete operations of three new sewage treatment plants (STPs) by the end of 2025 with a budget of ₹160 crores.

With an aim to recycle the wastewater of the residential and industrial sectors being developed by YEIDA, the authority decided to develop three STPs of 120 million litres per day (MLD) capacity that are currently being built in sectors 18, 24, and 29.

“The YEIDA will complete the work on these STPs by 2025-end as the work is put on the fast track on these three projects. The work on one STP in Sector 18 is at an advanced stage, and the work on the remaining two STPs, located in sectors 24 and 29, was started three months ago. Once these STPs start operations, the authority will trap the waste from residential and industrial areas to these STPs for the treatment,” said a YEIDA official, requesting anonymity.

The YEIDA wants to ready these STPs well in advance because the Noida airport will start witnessing operations by 2024-end, when many industrial and residential areas will also witness habitation.

“We hope that many people will start moving into their plotted houses or flats by 2025-end. And, some factories will also witness the STPs operations started in this area in close vicinity of the airport. Once the people will start living, sewage generation will also begin in these areas. And naturally, we need to trap this sewage and then treat the same. We aim to recycle the treated wastewater for irrigation purposes in nearby green zones or parks,” said the same official.


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