Smart Water Meters Key to Britain’s Water Sector Future

Millions of smart water meters are proposed for installation before 2030 and beyond in Britain as water companies seek to reduce leakages and consumption.

Business plans submitted to the regulator Ofwat by the country’s 16 water companies for the period 2025-2030, for what is known as the 2024 price review (PR24) period and also asset management period 8 (AMP8), all feature smart metering, either as continuation of existing programs or new programs to launch.

In that period and subject to Ofwat’s final decisions on the plans in December 2024, upwards of 8 million smart water meters could be deployed across Britain at a cost in the region of £2 billion (US$2.4 billion).

Ofwat’s demand for the business plans for the PR24 period was that they should deliver a “step change” in performance and investment “to drive improvements for the environment and customers”.

In particular, Ofwat indicated the need to strengthen capacity in water resources along with a reduction of pollution from storm overflows to meet the challenges of climate change and population growth as well as to embrace innovation, such as making greater use of digitalisation.

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