Sludge Plant in Rudrapur to Help Convert Sewage into ‘Valuable Resource’

Rudrapur district is on the verge of completing its Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) as part of the Centre’s Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) initiative. This facility, with a capacity of 125 KLD, is strategically located near BHEL on the Kichha Bypass Road, marking a significant stride towards sustainable waste management.

Vishal Mishra, the district’s Chief Development Officer (CDO), said, “Currently, we have achieved approximately 95% of the construction work. The FSTP is set to become the state’s pioneering facility aimed at converting human waste into valuable fertiliser, ushering in a sustainable approach that promises to revolutionise agriculture in the region.”

The FSTP not only processes sewage but also harnesses solar energy to ensure uninterrupted operations, even in the event of power failures. In the vicinity of the plant, 96 solar panels, each with a 50-kilowatt capacity, have been installed.

These panels are anticipated to generate approximately 1800 megajoules of energy over a span of 10 hours. The facility will serve Rudrapur, which generates an estimated 70 KLD of sewage daily from its population of 175,723 residents. Households will have their septic tanks emptied using specialised equipment, and the resulting sewage sludge will be transported to the FSTP. Here, a multi-stage recycling process will separate silt and water, while the treated water will find applications in gardening and road construction.”

Rudrapur’s Municipal Corporation (RMC) presently incurs expenses by engaging private companies for sewage disposal. However, with the impending operation of the FSTP, these costs will be significantly reduced. Mishra added, “This initiative extends beyond Rudrapur’s borders, potentially benefiting neighbouring cities like Kichha, Dineshpur, and Gadarpur. The FSTP will start a trial phase, producing fertilizer from sewage from October.”

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