Hydroleap Partners With IX Technology to Improve Water Management in Data Centres Across Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam

In a progressive move towards sustainable water management and reduced environmental impact from data centres, the water technology company Hydroleap has announced a strategic partnership with IX Technology(IXT), a Singapore-based provider of data centre mechanical and electrical (M&E)infrastructure solutions.

This collaboration is aimed at transforming water management in cooling towers, allowing businesses in the data centre industry to reduce water consumption, lower chemical use, bring down the carbon footprint and improve regulatory compliance

IXT will promote Hydroleap’s patented Electro-Oxidation Technology(HL-EO) that is being used by major blue-chip data centre companies and CapitaLand, to more data centre and semiconductor companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The data centre industry plays a crucial role in supporting the digital infrastructure of the modern world. However, with their intensive water consumption and discharges, the sector faces growing pressure to adopt eco-friendly practices and comply with ESG requirements.

There are a bunch of factors putting Singapore in a vulnerable spot in this regard. In a 2022 global market comparison report, Singapore was ranked as the number two most desirable market for data Centre facilities in the world. Singapore’s industrial sector utilises 55% of the country’s water including data centres, which is expected to rise to 70%by 2060.

Data centres use significant amounts of energy and water resources to fuel power-hungry servers, yet at the same time, demand for data Centre services continues to rise. OpenAI’s ChatGPT consumes 500 ml of water for every 5 to 50 prompts it answers according to a researcher at the University of California.

As generative AI adoption picks up, this water usage is expected to rise further. In the light of these factors, the partnership between Hydroleap and IXT promotes a more sustainable future for data centre operations.

“Efficient cooling methods with lowered water consumption can play an important role in sustainability. We are thrilled to join forces with IXT to support more data centre companies through our sustainable electrochemical solutions. By combining our teams, we aim to empower data centre businesses to be more sustainable in their water consumption.” said Dr. Mohammad (Moh) Sherafatmand, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hydroleap.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards building more sustainable data centre facilities. Together with Hydroleap, we aim to set a new standard for water treatment and carbon reduction for data centres.” said Steven Lee, Founder and Managing Director of IXT.

Powered by cutting edge technologies, Hydroleap is revolutionizing the way industrial wastewater is treated across multiple industries including data centres, food and beverage and palm oil, through solutions that are automated, robust, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Driven by a team of specialized R&D experts behind the scenes, Hydroleap’s unique electrochemical techniques can reduce up to 95% pollutants present in industrial wastewater and lessen the water discharges by 70%in the cooling towers.

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