Andhra Pradesh to Release Water Once a Week for Standing Crops in Krishna Delta

Anticipating average rainfall, the state government kickstarted kharif season by releasing water from Prakasam barrage in the very first week of June. Paddy planting has been completed in about 10 lakh acres by July. “Sufficient water has been supplied to Ayakattu from Prakasam barrage. Water is being taken from the Pattiseema lifting scheme and Pulichintala project due to the lack of flow in the Krishna river,” said a senior irrigation official.

According to officials, about 35.93 tmc ft water from the Pulichintala project was released to meet Krishna delta needs while another 29.88 tmc ft of water was drawn from the Pattiseema scheme. About 20 tmc ft water was supplied from inflows to Krishna river utilising the flood flows from Munneru, Paleru and Keesara.

The chief minister has reviewed the situation with the officials of the water resources and agriculture departments from time to time and prepared a contingency plan, the irrigation minister added.

He explained that the government has made a necessary plan to protect the crops planted by the farmers and accordingly the water in the Pulichintala project and the water from Pattiseema has been used very carefully in a balanced manner.

The Pulichintala project actually has almost its full capacity of water at the beginning of the season. In the initial phase, about 18 tmc of water was released for the crops of Krishna delta in order to utilise Godavari water for its own delta needs. Subsequently, Godavari water was drawn through Pattiseema scheme and saved remaining 20 tmc ft water in Pulichintala project. Water from Pattiseema was utilised till the end of July thanks to the sufficient inflows to Godavari.

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