Treated Water To Irrigate 1,600 Acres In Three Rohtak Villages

The district administration has come up with an ambitious project to provide treated water to three villages – Kanhaili, Sunariya and Mayna. The water will be supplied through pipelines from the sewage treatment plant (STP) in Sunariya village.

A total 1,600 acres of agriculture land has been identified in three villages for the project. Since the ground water in these villages is salty, farmers use drain water to irrigate their fields.

Tenders have been invited to execute the project, which is part of the District Water Resources Plan and will cost Rs37 crore. Majority of farmers have given consent to execute the project in their villages.

A plan has been chalked out to conserve water and provide it in every part of the district.”

The project would prove a milestone and officials had been asked to ensure its completion at the earliest.

Source: The Tribune
Photo courtesy: The Tribune


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