LANXESS Commissions New Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant in Belgium

  • Built for the strictest environmental standards
  • Processing capacity of 260,000 litres of wastewater per hour
  • Investment of some EUR 12 million

Belgium: LANXESS has commissioned a new wastewater treatment plant at its Belgium Kallo/Antwerp site. The special chemicals company has invested around EUR 12 million in the plant.

LANXESS has thoroughly modernized and expanded the existing water treatment plant to comply with the stricter environmental legislation.

The wastewater treatment plant not only processes the wastewater from the LANXESS plants on the site, for the production rubber chemicals and glass fibre, but also that from two neighbouring companies.

Investing in Sustainability
“The renewal and improvement of the wastewater treatment plant enables us to meet the highest environmental standards,” said Anno Borkowsky, board member of LANXESS, in his welcome speech.

“Using energy, raw materials and water sparingly and efficiently is in the DNA of the chemical sector. This project illustrates chemical sector’s ongoing commitment to a better environment and additional water savings. Compared to 10 years ago, chemical and pharmaceutical companies already consume almost a quarter less drinking water,” said Yves Verschueren, managing director of essenscia, the Belgian sector federation of the chemical industry and life sciences.

Bacteria do the Work
The installation is home to bacteria that process and purify the wastewater. The different wastewater streams are mixed and end up in aeration towers. The water is fed with activated sludge, in which the bacteria reside. The environment of the biological wastewater treatment plant is constantly monitored, for example to ensure balanced acidity and the right temperature.

The bacteria are finally separated and returned to the purification process, the purified water is fed into the Scheldt. The plant operates day and night. An independent laboratory analyses water samples daily for quality control.


News & Image Courtesy: LANXESS





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