High Turbidity Hits Water Pumping In Shimla Post Heavy Rains

Following heavy rains, high turbidity has been reported in Shimla at most of the water sources, including at Giri Water Scheme and Gumma Water Scheme.

“Pumping had to be stopped for some time at most of the schemes today due to high turbidity. So, less water has been lifted from the sources,” said an SJPNL official. “Nevertheless, the disruption would not be significant enough to affect our water schedule,” he said.

About a fortnight back, Shimla was on the verge of a water crisis due to the prolonged dry spell. Due to the shortage of water at the sources, the SJPNL had started supplying water on alternate days and it’s still continuing with the third day supply. The SJPNL official assured that the company would continue supplying water on alternate days.

“High turbidity is a common occurrence during the first few rains of the monsoon. In another few days the turbidity would settle down and will not cause much problem in pumping,” the official said.

He further said that chlorine becomes less effective in disinfecting the water in high turbidity and hence pumping is not done during high turbidity.

Source: The Tribune
Photo courtesy: The Tribune


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