Haryana Hikes Bulk Water Use Tariff By 100%

The Haryana Water Resources Authority (HWRA) has revised the tariff for bulk water use of surface water in the state.

The last revisions were carried out in 2012 and 2018.

The water authority has enhanced the tariff by 100 per cent in case of use for brick making and pisewall building, and for construction.

The state government has authorised the HWRA to decide the water tariff vide the Haryana Water Resources (Conservation, Regulation and Management) Authority (Amendment) Act, 2022.

In 2018, it was Rs 1,500 per 100 cum. Now, it is Rs 3,000 per 100 cum.

For the beverage and bottled water industry, it will cost Rs 4,000 per 100 cum, which is a jump of 100 per cent from the last revision. For power plants, the rate is now Rs 2,000 per 100 cum, which is also a rise of 100 per cent. For bulk use by the Railways and Army, the cost will be Rs 1,500 per 100 cum, also a rise of 100 per cent.

However, for drinking purposes for the Railways and Army, the tariff will be Rs 100 per 100 cum, which is a jump of 400 per cent from 2018.

Earlier, it was Rs 25 per 100 cum. There is no change in the tariff for supply to other states and fish ponds.

The general principles of the fixation of water tariffs were cost recovery, reasonability, water-use efficiency and social equity, the HWRA said.

“Despite that, it is constrained to restrict the steep hike in the proposal and recommend the tariff as above, which are lower than those proposed by the department,” the water authority added.

“The primary objective for the increase in the bulk tariff is to mop up more revenue for financial sustainability of irrigation system and promoting economic efficiency in the use of water,” said the HWRA.

The authority also decided that “in view of prevailing conditions in the agricultural sector, the bulk tariff for irrigation purposes are not revised at this stage considering the conditions of the farmers and food security”.

For treated wastewater (TWW), the rate has been enhanced from Rs 2 per KL to Rs 4 per KL at the STP site, and from Rs 3 per KL to Rs 5 per KL at the doorstep.

The government has already exempted the tariff for TWW for agriculture.

Source: The Tribune
Photo courtesy: Hindustan Times


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