Ludhiana MC Deliberates on Project to Reuse Treated Water for Irrigation

WD NEWS: To hold a discussion on reusing treated water of sewer treatment plants (STP), MC Commissioner Shena Aggarwal conducted a meeting with representatives of dyeing industry, Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), soil conservation officials among other departments.

In the meeting held at the MC Zone D office, officials deliberated upon how the treated water could be used in dyeing industry, for irrigation purposes in farms and for watering parks in the city.

MC Additional Commissioner Aaditya Dachalwal said the initiative had been taken under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) scheme. In the first phase, steps were being taken to reuse 25 per cent of the total capacity of 225 mld STP being established in the Jamalpur area (near central jail on Tajpur road). All STPs would be covered in the next phases of the project.

Representatives of the dyeing industry attended the meeting and gave their approval of using the treated water in the dyeing units, if the quality of treated water meets the requirement for dyeing the cloth. The industry representatives were asked to submit their requirements, so that the civic body can move forward with the project.

The MC Commissioner instructed Soil Conservation Officer Shavinderpal Kaur to look into possibilities of reusing the treated water for farming purposes and submit a report in the coming days. She said a plan was also being chalked out to reuse the treated water for watering the parks situated in different parts of the city.

The representatives of industry and officials of different departments have been directed to look into the possibilities of reusing the treated water and submit the suggestions with the MC in the coming days, so that further steps could be taken, she added.

Source: The Tribune
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