Endress+Hauser Enhances Proline Promass Q 300/500 with 4-Tube Technology for Precise Measurement of High Flows

The 4-tube technology increases measurement accuracy for loading, unloading, and transporting hydrocarbons and optimises the flowmeter line for additional applications.

WD News: Promass Q, the Coriolis flowmeter line from Endress+Hauser claims to alleviates concerns of inaccuracies with its 4-tube technology, while measuring with minimal pressure loss over a wide range of flow rates.

Promass Q recently welcomed new additions to its line-up. It is available for larger pipes than ever before—up to 10” (DN 250)—for measuring flow rates up to 18,900 bph (2,400 t/h). And the new 4-tube technology opens the door to additional applications in the industry. These include high-precision metering for custody transfer, fiscal metering, master metering as a reference device for on-site verification, and more.

In addition to mass and volumetric flow, Promass Q also records process density and temperature. This enables the incorporation of fluctuating process and ambient conditions into flow measurement, with appropriate compensation, helping achieve tight error bands of ±0.05% for mass flow and ±0.2 kg/m 3 for density.

The 4-tube technology pushes the boundary for Coriolis flowmeters. Compared to meters with two measuring tubes, four tubes reliably measure 25% greater flow rates, enabling faster transactions in the oil and gas business. This can save operators money by reducing standstill times while loading and unloading oil tankers, and by reducing port charges.

Additionally, 4-tube technology reduces pressure loss while pumping and measuring because of the increased cross-sectional flow area relative to line size. This provides further cost savings because operators can use smaller pumps, which consume less energy relative to overall volumetric output.

Source and image courtesy: Endress+Hauser

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