Bengaluru Water Crisis:Plush Society asks residents to use disposable cutlery and wet wipes

BENGALURU: Facing their worst potable water crisis, resident welfare associations across the city have begun rationing water in their localities and have issued a blanket ban on vehicle washing by residents and swimming pool activities with immediate effect.
Going further, a prominent residential enclave in south Bengaluru has proposed to its residents to think of using disposable cutlery and wet wipes for washing hands and face.

Days after communicating to its residents about the disruption of water supply following the crackdown on water tankers by RTO and BWSSB officials, Prestige Falcon City (PFC) Apartments on Kanakapura Road has suggested that if the situation worsens, they should consider using disposable items to avoid water wastage.

Vasanth Kumar, president of the PFC RWA, told TOI that the idea is to reduce the usage of water as much as they can. “We used to source water through private tankers. But as there is scarcity even in tanker services, we’re looking for alter-natives. We’re aware that there is not enough water at the reservoir (KRS) and we must understand the scenario. I’ve only suggested using disposable plates, cutlery, wet wipes as this will reduce the usage of water and help us sail through the situation,” he said.

“Our tenants and residents are coming to terms with the situation, we’re only mentally preparing for them in case the situation turns worse. Our MP DK Suresh has assured us that the scarcity will be resolved soon. We’re eagerly looking forward to it. Nevertheless, the current situation is not alarming as the availability and supply is under control because of our water saving initiatives.”

Similarly, yet another RWA of a prominent gated community in Whitefield has deployed security personnel to monitor the misuse of water by its residents.

With no supply of water from BWSSB over the past few days, the RWA is reliant on borewells and they could go dry at any moment. “If the residents don’t reduce their water consumption by 20% ,such households will be charged an additional Rs. 5000″the RWA is said to have informed residents in its internal message.

Source: TOI

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