World Water Day: Akasa Air saves 3.36 lakh litres by skipping water cannon salutes

World Water Day 2024: By skipping the traditional water cannon salutes, a 3.36 lakh litres of precious water resources were saved, Akasa Air said.

A staggering 3.36 lakh litres of water was saved by forgoing the traditional water cannon salutes for aircraft, Akasa Air said as it marked World Water Day 2024. The day is observed every year to raise awareness about the importance of fresh water and its sustainable management.

336,000 litres of water! Yes, that’s how much we’ve conserved till date, by opting out of ceremonial water cannon salutes during fleet and new destination inaugurations,” Akasa Air said.

“This World Water Day, we renew our dedication to conserving this invaluable resource.”



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