World Bank Releases Report On Advancing Knowledge Of Water-Energy Nexus In Gulf Countries

WD News: Countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region are facing many challenges due to climate change’s effects on already-scarce water supplies. Energy resources and the energy sector are heavily tied to the water sector as desalination and other provision capacities are fuelled by oil.

Intending to continue a dialogue on this subject, World Bank has released a report, “Advancing Knowledge of the Water-Energy Nexus in the GCC Countries” that focuses on the challenges and opportunities for GCC countries to better manage their water and energy sectors.

The report highlights potential pathways for improvement, such as addressing subsidies and pricing to discourage waste, increasing the reuse of treated wastewater, and scaling up renewable energy use.

Building on the innovations which are already underway in the Gulf region, the report highlights the opportunity to make changes in the sector for more efficient use of water and energy, which in turn can have positive effects on climate, jobs, and fiscal sustainability.

Click here to access the entire report.


Source: World Bank. Image Courtesy: Pixabay


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