The current flow of WABAG hints at rapid growth With the implementation of UNSDGs and ESG

Believes Desalination and Recycle & Reuse to be the key growth vectors to ensure Water Security with an estimated market potential of over $40 Billion.

 VA TECH WABAG LIMITED (‘WABAG’), India’s Global Pure Play Water Technology MNC, has completed 25 years of successfully providing sustainable solutions for a cleaner ecosystem for over 71 million people worldwide.

In line with its vision of ensuring Clean Water & Sanitation, WABAG is among the Top Water Technology players worldwide today. It has used its experience and cutting-edge technology to “passioneer” World’s 1st Direct Potable Reuse Plant & PTA Effluent Recycle Plant. In addition, the firm has also built India’s Largest Municipal Desalination Plant, India’s 1st STP to complete 100,000 hours on a single gas engine & 1st Industrial ETP in India to recycle & reuse treated effluent as process water. Today, WABAG produces 26.5 million m3 of Clean Water; purifies 27 million m3 of Wastewater, Recycles 2.5 million m3 of wastewater, and Desalinates 1.2 million m3 of clean water each day through its 1400+ plants

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Rajiv Mittal, MD & Group CEO, VA Tech WABAG said, “As we complete 25 years of pioneering advanced technological solutions in the water sector, it gives us a sense of immense satisfaction and pride to be catering to a population of 71 million people worldwide. With the Water Sector in India securing an allocation that has never been witnessed in the history of Independent India, Water Sector emerges as a Top Priority in India. A similar trend has been observed globally, which will help unlock huge potential in the Global Water Market. WABAG, with its technical expertise & execution excellence, emerges as a preferred partner for Governments, Municipalities, ULBs and Industries globally”

He further added, “Through our sustainable & responsible business practices, WABAG adopts an inclusive approach for Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) tenets in its core business. The firm is aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), directly contributing to SDG-6: Clean Water & Sanitation for all

Rajneesh Chopra, Global Head Business Development said, “Renowned Financial Institutions & Green Funds all across the globe are looking at the Water Sector with renewed interest. There is Notable allocation under Active, Proposed & Pipeline stages from various Global Bilateral & Multilateral Financial Institutions to boost Sustainable Infrastructure. With a vast array of technological solutions which includes 100+ IP Rights and 3 R&D centers, WABAG is well placed to capitalize on the next growth wave in the Water sector”

He further added, “We believe Desalination and Recycle & Reuse to be the key growth drivers to ensure Water Security globally, with an estimated market potential of over $40 Billion”

Continuing its success story, WABAG has successfully forayed into 2 new geographies this financial year, securing a high technology Industrial Order in Russia and a large-scale Desalination project in UAE.

Source: WABAG


  1. Rahul 2 years ago

    Wabag had a good track record.
    Best of luck

  2. Rahul 2 years ago

    Best of luck Wabag team.

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