Rainwater Harvesting Initiative in Shirpur by Businessman Chintan Patel Aids Sustainable Irrigation

The Shirpur pattern is meant for sustainable irrigation in drought-prone areas and provides 24x7 water for industries, farming and other uses.

WD News: Businessman Chintan Patel is the Managing Director of Deesan Group, a leading name in the textile industry founded in 2004. Together, with his father Amrish Patel, he is working for rainwater conservation in their hometown Shirpur, an initiative started by the senior Patel.

The rainwater harvesting method started by them is known as the Shirpur Harvesting Pattern across Maharashtra. Their method of rainwater harvesting was replicated in Bangalore and other places in India. The initiative led by Patel and his father has seen more than 1000 check dams being constructed across Shirpur and other adjoining areas in Maharashtra.

“We aim not to let even a single drop of rain go unused in Shirpur. Our consistent effort is to help farmers in every possible way. I have grown up in a business family, and I have learnt to always stick to the roots. The initiative of rainwater harvesting had its set of challenges starting with digging rivulets. We could not make passages as it required land which belonged to other farmers. Fortunately, after looking at the advantages of rainwater harvesting, the farmers trusted our vision,” said Chintan Patel.

Divided into two sections, the Shirpur pattern is the construction of check dams on every stream – small or big. With a gate and west weir to augment huge storage, it focuses on deepening the stream up to 15 to 20 metres and widening it up to 30 metres. More so, the Shirpur pattern stresses on artificial recharge of water through the dry dug wells in the alluvial area of Shirpur tehsil and cascade type of cement bunds. Based on the actual geological experiment in soil, the technology is made with a few pieces of equipment like pock lands and dumpers.

The Shirpur pattern is meant for sustainable irrigation in drought-prone areas and provides 24×7 water for industries, farming and other uses.

Source & image courtesy: India TV

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