Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority Starts Survey To Assess Rabindra Sarobar Health

The Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), with the help of an agency, started surveying the Rabindra Sarboar this week to measure the exact depth of the lake and assess present condition of the water bed.

The survey is also required to carry out the plan of injecting liquid oxygen in the waterbody to increase its dissolved oxygen level.
A boat was used by agency officials to go to the different corners of the waterbody, covering near gate No. 3 of Rabindra Sarobar from where the survey started.

The survey will take about a week or so to be completed, covering about 73 acres.

The depth and condition of the water bed will be measured using ultrasound tracker technology. The device sends sound waves to the bottom of the waterbody. It is then measured how long it takes for the sound to return with an echo. The speed and time of the echo is measured to find out the depth.

The lake waterbody has a depth of about 20 feet in the middle but no survey has been carried out till date to know its exact depth and condition of the water bed.

Source: Times of India
Photo courtesy: Times of India


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