Delhi Government to Overhaul Water & Sewerage Infrastructure with a Vision for 24×7 Water Supply

Delhi government plans to ensure a strong 24x7 water supply infrastructure and the sewerage system all over the national capital.
  • Delhi Government will get 10 UGRs constructed in the capital to ensure 24-hour supply of clean water to a population of 26 lakh people

  • A total of 280 km sewer pipeline will be laid in Karawal Nagar, Burari and Narela assembly; about 6.5 lakh people of 44 unauthorised colonies and 14 villages will get relief from sewer problems

  • 300 km of new water pipeline will be laid in Karol Bagh, Patel Nagar, Rajendra Nagar, Anand Parbat, Jakhira

  • Consumers in Delhi will be able to replace existing non-functional water metres on their own

WD News: The Delhi Government is planning to overhaul its water & sewerage infrastructure. To ensure a strong 24×7 water supply infrastructure and sewerage system all over the national capital, especially in unauthorised colonies, various projects were approved in the 164th board meeting of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) held recently. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia who approved various projects. This included a one-time settlement scheme for resolving the matter of inflated water bills, establishment of 10 underground water reservoirs across the capital to enhance water supply, laying of new 300 kms water pipeline and 280 kms sewerage pipeline to connect unauthorised colonies to the network along with various other projects.

Shri Sisodia said, “People have reported various other issues such as irregular water reading by metre readers, non-functional water metres due to which they are receiving inflated water bills. All these matters will be resolved by the government under the aforementioned one-time settlement scheme of DJB soon.”

So far, the state government has been facilitating the installation of water metres in households. But there were many instances due to which there was a delay in the installation services. This affected the water bills of many consumers. But now the government has provided the relaxation and residents need not wait for DJB to get the water metres installed or replaced, they can get it done on their own. This will benefit the residents and they will get regular and correct water bills.

In another development, approval was given for the construction of 10 underground water reservoirs across the capital by the minister. Of these 10 UGRs, 6 will be the new. These UGRs will be built in Okhla, Rajinder Nagar, Patel Nagar, Karol Bagh, Jakhira, Anand Parbat, and Naraina and will benefit the population of nearly 26 lakh people.

The government also plans to ensure a 24×7 water supply to every resident of Delhi and connect unauthorised colonies to the proper water supply network. For this, DJB will lay 300 kms new water pipeline and renovate 84 kms old water pipeline.

Shri Sisodia added that work to connect the unauthorised colonies with the main sewerage network and provide all the basic civic infrastructure to the residents there is going at a fast pace. 280 km long sewerage line will be laid in Burari, Karawal Nagar and Narela assembly constituencies. After this, about 4.17 lakh people of 44 unauthorised colonies and 14 villages will get relief from sewerage problems.

The Delhi government has set a target to completely clean the Yamuna river by 2025. Under this, there is a plan to connect 100 percent of the houses in Delhi with sewer lines. Due to the lack of sewerage lines in 44 unauthorised colonies and 14 villages of Burari and Narela, dirty waterfalls into ponds-septic tanks and finally into Yamuna river. In such a situation, after laying sewer lines in these areas, people will get relief from sewer problems.

It was decided in the Delhi Jal Board meeting that internal and peripheral sewer lines would be laid in parts of Shri Ram Colony, Rajiv Nagar and Sonia Vihar in Delhi’s Karawal Nagar. With this, a sewerage facility will be provided to four unauthorised colonies of Sonia Vihar. The cost of this project is Rs 87.5 crore. Along with this, high-rise connections will also be given to the people by the Delhi government itself.

Source & image courtesy: Govt. of NCT of Delhi

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