AWWA Releases Insights Report From Water 2050 Technology Think Tank

A diverse group of influential thinkers from within and outside the water community have put forth 10 recommendations for a technologically-advanced water future in the second think tank report of the Water 2050 initiative.

WD News: Published by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the Water 2050 Technology Think Tank Report is the second in a series of five think tank reports associated with the initiative. Water 2050 seeks to envision the future of water and chart a course for sustainability.

The 26 participants in the Water 2050 Technology Think Tank included highly respected voices from the water and wastewater utility, manufacturing and consulting community, innovation incubators, Silicon Valley thought leaders, privacy and cybersecurity experts, regulators and academics, CEOs and an agriculture research hydrologist. The group engaged in a series of facilitated discussions and developed recommended actions that can be grouped into four broad categories:

  • Accelerate innovation
  • Transform water services through next-generation technology
  • Apply technology as the “Great Water Equaliser”
  • Achieve a secure cyber future

“It is our responsibility as water professionals and technology innovators to chart a course for a successful and sustainable future,” said Chi Ho Sham, immediate past president and a member of the Water 2050 Leadership Team at AWWA.

Source: AWWA
Image courtesy: Pixabay

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