5th International Conference on Sustainability Education: A Resounding Call for Climate Action

NEW DELHI – The 5th International Conference on Sustainability Education concluded with resonating echoes of urgent climate action and sustainability, bringing together a diverse group of educators, professionals, policymakers, and environmentalists at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. Over two impactful days, the conference focused on creating synergy to advance the discourse on sustainable education and climate commitment.

Inaugural Insights: GAV School students lifted the spirits with a captivating Welcome Song, exemplifying the foundation’s focus on youth and education. Dr. Ram Boojh, CEO of Mobius Foundation, set the tone with his welcome and introduction, emphasising the foundation’s commitment to a sustainable future. Two renowned environmentalists gave heartfelt video messages promoting a need to promote sustainability: Dr. Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace,emphasised the pivotal role of education in not only raising awareness but also spurring tangible actions towards sustainability, and Dr. Rajendra Singh, the Magsaysay Awardee also known as the “Water Man of India”  lauded the event’s significance in the wake of the Paris agreement. He stressed that the realisation of the Paris agreement’s goals is intertwined with positive climate action initiatives like this conference.

The event featured multiple thematic sessions, delving into varied facets of sustainability, from the role of the private sector in climate action to women writers in sustainability. The discussions highlighted the importance of region-specific resources, actionable knowledge, and the significance of the circular economy and sustainable packaging.

The Youth for Earth Campaign 2023 saw the declaration of winners in various categories, emphasising the involvement of the younger generation in sensitising and innovating at the intersection of technology and behavioral change. Winners included projects like Neerja by the Tribal Residential School and TAMIRASES by Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment.

The conference witnessed the launch of significant publications like “Birds of Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh” by Parvaiz Yousuf and “Climate Actioneers’ Primer; A Beginners Toolkit,” co-authored by Anand Pendharkar.

A major highlight was the launch of the South and Southeast Asia Network for Environmental Education (SASEANEE), aiming to study and mitigate environmental problems across political borders through collaborations between various international environmental organisations.The conference also saw discussions on varied topics like disciplined entrepreneurship for sustainability, ecosystem restoration education, role of schools, colleges, and universities in sustainability education, and the importance of innovation for sustainable living.

The 5th International Conference concluded with a significant closing ceremony, during which Ms. Anupama Madhok Sud, Director & Editor, Water Digest, presented a presentation containing summaries and recommendations from the various sessions. Mr. Pradip Burman, Chairman of the Mobius Foundation, ardently advocated for launching decisive, tangible actions aimed at environmental conservation, prioritising them before delving into the complexities of long-term sustainability. He also highlighted various projects that collaborate with nature, with an emphasis on ecological balance and protection. Other distinguished panellists, such as Ms. Bethany Davies, Research Fellow at ACER in Australia; Ms. Abimbola Junaid, Partnerships, Advocacy, and Voice Manager at Population Matters; Mr. Sanjay Awasthi, Head of Office at IOM, UN Migration; Ms. Gayatri Raghwa, Environment Education Expert at UNEP-India; Mr. Bhavesh Swami, Lead – Clean Energy Policy and Engagements at The Climate Reality Project; also shared their valuable insights acknowledging the pivotal roles of migration and private sectors in achieving sustainability objectives aligned with the 2030 agenda.

Dr. Ram Boojh, CEO of the Mobius Foundation, conveyed heartfelt gratitude to all attendees and presenters in his vote of thanks. He summed up the conference by stating that the purpose is to teach and that action and demonstration are effective strategies for doing so. The conference, with its holistic and inclusive approach, served as a potent call to action, marking a pivotal step towards a sustainable and resilient future. It brought together diverse themes and dialogues, fostering innovative solutions and unified viewpoints on global challenges

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