Water Mgmt Solution Biz Expected to Reach ₹1KCr in FY25: Thermax

Pune: Thermax’s water management solutions deployed by the company have enabled commercial and residential complexes to reduce their dependence on external sources such as water tankers, by 80%. The company has deployed its water management solutions to over 140 residential and commercial sites in the country and is in talks with developers to implement its solutions, MD and CEO Ashish Bhandari said.

The volume of water required for consumption is going to spike significantly in coming years and with no new sources of water being available, management solutions will play a key role, he said at the launch of the company’s water and wastewater solutions unit in the city.

The company has set up water and wastewater facility by making an investment of Rs. 45 crores for providing a sewage treatment plant for residential and industrial projects. In addition, the plant will also implement and cater to new technologies such as softener and filter vessels, tubular membrane modules, and capacitive deionisation solution. The business is expected to grow three-fold and the company is looking at an order book of Rs. 1,000 crores for FY25. Thermax started its water management vertical almost 40 years ago but it has increased its focus on the business on account of increased demand from across sectors such as food and beverage, textiles, Bhandari said. Some of the processes such as zero liquid discharge is a significant cost to companies and the challenge is to reduce the operating costs for such enterprises.

Despite the demand from the private sector, the company has not entered into municipal and government projects as these are larger projects, he added.


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