EWEC Receives 3 Proposals For Development Of Shuweihat 4 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Independent Water Project In UAE, Water Purchase Agreement Expected By Q1 2023

WD News: EWEC (Emirates Water and Electricity Company) UAE has announced the receipt of three proposals from Acciona, Engie, and GS Inima, for the development of its new Shuweihat 4 Reverse Osmosis (S4 RO) Independent Water Project (IWP).

Following the submissions, the proposals will undergo a detailed technical and commercial evaluation process to select the best proposal.

As per company officials, the awarding announcement and the execution of the Water Purchase Agreement are expected to take place by Q1 2023. The S4 RO project has a target commercial operations date of Q3 2025.

The S4 RO project will use low-carbon intensive RO technology to desalinate seawater and supply up to 70 Million Imperial Gallons per Day (MIGD), equivalent to 318,225 cubic metres per day, of potable water, enhancing the security of water supply in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra region.

Additionally, the plant will be instrumental in ensuring an optimised and efficient water supply through the procurement of competitive RO technology.

Othman Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer of EWEC, said: “EWEC is accelerating the decoupling of water and power generation capacity with the adoption of state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology, supporting our strategic goal to reduce our system’s carbon footprint. The S4 RO water desalination project will play a key role in ensuring both security of water supply as well as reducing CO2 emissions, actively supporting the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative. We are pleased to have received competitive bids for the project and will now move forward with our evaluation process.”

Source & Photo: EWEC (Emirates Water and Electricity Company)


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