Climbing For Water: Xylem Kenya Explores Mount Kenya to Highlight Water Conservation

How can we ensure more people enjoy safe and clean water? A team from Xylem Kenya pondered this question as they climbed Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-highest mountain.

Xylem works across East Africa to protect and enhance water. Last year, we opened a regional office in Kenya and continue participating in numerous water projects across important sectors such as agriculture, mining, and public utilities. Its social investment programme, Watermark, helps develop community facilities across the region, such as improving the water and sanitation system at Nairobi’s Drive Inn Primary School.

In early March 2023, a team from Xylem Kenya visited Mount Kenya and the natural wonders of this iconic mountain.

Mount Kenya is home to several glaciers and stunning glacial lakes, including Lake Ellis and Lake Michaelson. Explorers hiked to these beautiful water sources, over 3,000 metres above sea level. They also reached Simba Cole Gorge and climbed Point Lenana, a peak almost 5 kilometres above sea level. It was an opportunity to celebrate Kenya’s breathtaking beauty and the role of water in the country’s future.

“Climbing Mount Kenya gave our team a real sense of what is possible and what is at stake when it comes to water. It was a special moment to strengthen our bonds and discuss how we can help solve the water challenge for Kenya. It was also a chance to show our appreciation for the region and brought us closer to the nature we protect through sustainability and being water stewards,” says Reuben Marowa, Sales Director for East Africa.

Water resources are under threat. Only about half of Kenya’s population can access safe water and improved sanitation. East Africa is experiencing record droughts and floods, highlighting climate change’s impact. Fortunately, local authorities are stepping up to the plate with initiatives such as the Western Kenya Water Project to secure the future of water.

Through Watermark, Xylem is involved in various community improvement projects: local clean-ups, improving community gardens and teaching children with the help of Splash, an African children’s book hero published with Xylem funding.

Source: Xylem

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