ABB Announces Opening of its First Smart Instrumentation Factory in Bengaluru

The new factory in Bengaluru is for flexible mass production of measurement and analytical devices.

WD News: ABB Measurement & Analytics has opened its first smart instrumentation factory in Bengaluru to support the region’s ambition of transforming into a global design and manufacturing hub. In line with the local government’s “Make in India” programme aimed at supporting local economy, the factory is equipped with manufacturing technology to meet the growing demand for instrumentation devices that enables more efficient and sustainable customer operations.

The new plant will manufacture field devices such as pressure and temperature transmitters, IP convertors and electromagnetic flowmeters for a wide variety of industries, including “water sector”.

“We are pleased to support the local economy in line with ‘Make in India’ program with our new factory.,” said Manish Dixit, Regional Sales Service Manager South Asia, ABB Measurement & Analytics.

Source & image courtesy: ABB

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