Modern Coach Factory, Rae Bareli: MCF Plans Boosting Water Conservation Capacity by 100 m Litres in 2024-25

Modern Coach Factory in Rae Bareli developed 100 million litres water conservation capacity in 2023-24, increasing total capacity to 530 million litres.

The Modern Coach Factory (MCF), in Rae Bareli, planned a water conservation strategy and developed 100 million litres water conservation capacity in 2023-24, as part of Jal Shakti Abhiyan, a government release read.

“With 100 million litres of water conservation capacity generation in 2023-24, total water conservation capacity of the MCF has risen to 530 million litres. The MCF has planned to further create 100 million litres water conservation capacity in the current year 2024-25,” an official said.

In the financial year 2023-24, MCF Rae Bareli, executed five rainwater harvesting projects with a recharge potential of 30.20 million litres per year.

To optimise the cost of water conservation, innovative rainwater harvesting concept through recharge bore digging along the periphery of an existing pond has been developed, in which concrete and brick work has been eliminated.

Ten recharge bore wells had been constructed along the periphery of the existing pond, further increasing water recharge capacity of 33.12 million litres per year.

In addition, one existing pond in Joggers cum Eco Park had been enlarged, resulting in an increase of water holding capacity by 18 million litres. Three ponds with water holding capacity of 12.49 million litres have also been excavated.

Diversion of rainwater passing through MathanaNala on the MCF premises has also been executed. This is going to be a game changer as rainwater of large catchment areas covering dozens of villages will be tapped and used for rainwater harvesting.

A mega water conservation plan has been adopted and four ponds of total holding capacity 30.49 million litres and five rainwater harvesting and 10 recharge bores along the periphery of existing pond having total 63.22 million litres of recharge capacity was created during FY 2023-24.



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