Bihar’s Unique Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme for Parched Buddhist Heartland of Gaya and Rajgir

WD News: Bihar Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar has launched Gangajal Aapurti Yojana, which aims to provide the water of the holy river on taps in arid regions of the state.

The CM inaugurated the Rs 4,000-crore ‘Har Ghar Gangajal’ scheme at Rajgir in Nalanda district.

Under this Ganga Water Supply Scheme (GWSS), around 7.5-lakh households of Rajgir, Gaya and Bodhgaya will get treated water of the river through pipes.

“As part of the project, floodwaters of River Ganga will be stored, treated, and supplied to Rajgir, Gaya, and Bodh Gaya, which register high tourist footfall,” the Shri Nitish Kumar said.

“GWSS will meet the demand for drinking water in these areas by supplying treated water. Now, people can confidently say that the state government is facilitating the supply of sacred Ganga water to their homes. I can also confidently say that I have done something for the region,” he added.

Under the Har Ghar Gangajal project, excess water of the Ganga will be stored in a reservoir which would then be treated and supplied to Rajgir, Gaya and Bodh Gaya, the regions that have witnessed water scarcity for a long period.

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) is responsible for implementing the scheme. The initiative has two objectives. First, it conserves floodwater, preventing wastage, and second, it transforms this precious resource into safe, drinkable water.

The Bihar chief minister said that the scheme will supply 135 litres of treated Ganga water every day for every family in these three areas.

Irrigation requirements too will be fulfilled as the water level of these districts will improve due to storage of Ganga water in huge capacity.

Floodwaters will travel 150 km via pipes from Hathidah near Mokama and reach households through the new and existing connections. Before being supplied to the public, the water will be treated in treatment-and-purification plants.

Bihar water resources minister Sanjay Kumar Jha said that water would be lifted through pumps at Hathidah and carried through the pipeline to three reservoirs located in Rajgir, Tetar, and Gaya.

Source: PTI
Image courtesy: PTI

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