Water Digest Networking Roundup is being organised with the purpose of development and improvement of business relations, and is dedicated to professionals, buyers and suppliers from water industry.

During Water Digest Networking Roundup (B2B) meetings, we will facilitate the display of products, presentation of new technological innovation, access to information and the cooperation and development of new partnerships.

How can a business benefit from Water Digest Networking Roundup ?

In a market permanently changing, businesses are continuously looking for new opportunities to grow. The clients, as well as the suppliers, are searching for new collaborations to bring efficiency and effectiveness to their business, they are looking for new markets to develop, saving cost and sales growth opportunities. Water Digest Networking Roundup will create a symphony between these aspects though one on one conservation.

What is Water Digest Networking Roundup events?

From the concept of Business to Business, this event is dedicated to people in the business field presenting the main scope of creating, maintaining, and developing professional collaborations, and at the same time, of growing their business. This event gives businesses the possibility to buy or to sell their products or services to potential clients .
This kind of event has an opportunity for suppliers to convince potential clients that they provide services of very good quality, and for the clients to get to know new suppliers that reach the desired level of professionalism, or, of course, even suppliers that go beyond that level.

Efficiency and effectiveness

The demand on the market changes very quickly, which requires a continuous search for new professional relationships to satisfy the needs of the clients even better. The organization of Water Digest Networking Roundup event absolves the clients and the suppliers of many time of searching.
The process of establishing new professional collaborations has the maximum efficiency through the possibility to relate with many possible partners in a very short time.
Moreover, the organization of Water Digest Networking Roundup event requires a good knowledge of the professional environment and choosing the participants from the same domain of activity. This way, the relevance of the business meetings and the possibility to develop further collaboration relationships is increased.


In the business environment, relationships are the key to success. It can be said that the success of a company is directly related to its level of notoriety. That’s because, business people should take advantage of every opportunity to make their presence felt on the market, and on a professional environment as well.


Besides new collaborations, maintaining and developing the existing ones is very important. Water Digest Networking Roundup event gives participants the possibility to meet and communicate the professional progress made by each along with new discoveries in the field of interest, the situation of the common projects and of the collaborations.

Fewer risks

Any company wants to grow, but at the same time to assume very little risks that could put the business in danger. An initial discussion with the business partners, knowing the mission, the values and the profile of the company with which it is wants a collaboration, means a more stable business.


The communication between potential business partners during the Water Digest Networking Roundup event, besides the possibility of creating and developing a buying-selling relationship, is an opportunity for business people to find out more about the offer which exists on the market in their field of activity, characteristics of potential partners, new trends or tendencies in the domain.

About The Organiser

Water Digest is India’s premier water magazine that brings the latest in technologies and varied opportunities to cope with escalating water troubles to the Indian Market. At Water Digest, we promote and build awareness on critical water issues and trigger actions to facilitate the efficient management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis. Water Digest, through its strong vertical, Water Digest Knowledge Exchange Forum (WDKEF); caters to the conference, training and capacity building needs of various individuals and organisations. We create a congregation place for hundreds of experts and professionals of the water industry to meet, interact and build partnerships.


Focus Segment



Dealers distributers

Start-up companies


People who are willing to starts their business in Water segment

Key Highlights

25+ Key Exhibitors

B2B meet

200 Trade visitors / delegates

Media dialogue

Meeting with consultant

Technical presentations area

New product launch at event