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Hema Malini Expresses Concern in Lok Sabha over Depleting Water Resources in the Country

  • Delhi, July 19, 2018: Member of Parliament from Mathura, Hema Malini expressed her concern over fast depletion of water resources in the country in the zero hour of Lok Sabha today. She also demanded the government to act in this regard.

    Based on the findings of the recent NITI Aayog report on water management index, Hema Malini pointed out the water requirement of the country is going to get doubled by 2030. She mentioned that more than 60 crore people are already facing acute water shortage with about 2 lakhs Indian dying daily because of water unavailability.

    She asked the house that the 'right to water' should be enshrined in the constitution along with 'right to education'.

    She urged that Indian cities should not become like Cape Town and the government needs to take con concrete steps to manage the water resources.

    Cape Town is a South African city that recently averted 'day zero', the day when there will be no water in the city. The city is facing severe water crisis since 2015, following a drought.