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Uttarakhand facing water shortage, river quenches north India's thirst

  • 12 April, 2019 -As per a 2018 report of the Comptroller and Auditor General, Uttarakhand is among the states where less than 50% of the population had access to adequate quantities of safe drinking water. Besides the lack of water facilities, the state is also experiencing overexploitation of groundwater, land use change, deforestation and drying up of water resources like springs and ponds.

    The drying up of mountain springs, considered lifelines for people in the hills, has worsened the problem of water shortage. A 2018 report by the Indian government’s NITI Aayog think tank acknowledged that most of the drinking water supply in the mountainous parts of Uttarakhand is spring-based.

    Source - Scroll.in