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The Gaya witnesses water as a poll issue

  • 10 April, 2019 - The river of phalgu has turned a hotbed of politics in this sultry summer as Gaya Parliamentary seat of ancient Magadh region goes to polls on April 11. The politics is over water, which is fast turning into a scarce commodity in a number of residential areas in the city with the water table going down alarmingly and ponds and water bodies having fallen prey to land Mafiosi as the concrete jungle grows, devouring the natural habitat. The river, despite no water over-ground, is a lifeline for residents of Gaya and Jehanabad districts. Most of the pumping stations installed along the river bank supply water to residential areas.

    Source - Deccan Herald

    ischemical substances, thanks to the sewage and industrialeffluents that are being emptied into it. It does seem that Bellandur Lake’s toxic content is poisoning the groundwater in and around the neighbourhood.

    Source - DH