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Water, not money, is Pakistan's biggest problem: Imran Khan wants donations for dams

  • OCT 12, 2018 Soon after getting elected as the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan gave a ray hope to the citizens. But soon after office it all has now turned down it seems. In a recent event on water Mr. Khan said that Pakistan’s prime issue is not money but water. For the same Mr. Khan has now turned to Pakistanis living abroad for donations so that dams can be built to address problem of water scarcity. He has stated that water crisis is the single-biggest threat that is looming on the horizon.

    In a televised address to the nation on Friday evening, he did highlight the financial challenges facing his administration but then went on to say that a possible water crisis is a bigger danger. "There is no question that we are faced with several significant problems.  Our debt today stands at Rs 30,000 billion but the biggest problem we currently face is the water crisis," he said. "When Pakistan was made, every Pakistani had 5600 cubic metres of water. Today that stands at only 1000 cubic metres."

    Source - Zee News