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Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Expands Asian Network

  • Philippines, September 17, 2018: The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System is reaching out to its Asian counterparts to improve its overall water security and wastewater management system following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with select officers and members of the Asia Water Council at the 7th AWC BOC in Daejoon City, South Korea recently.

    The Asia Water Council consists of more than 100 members, organizations, representing more than 26 countries worldwide.

    MWSS administrator Reynaldo V. Velasco, who also serves as AWC director, said the AWC-initiated MOU will afford the MWSS and the Philippines to share the importance of development in the water industry and for the solution of water problems in the Asian region as there is a recognized need for mutual understanding among the AWC members.

    Aside from the MWSS administrator, other signatories of the MOU include AWC and K Water president Hak Soo Lee, K Water vice president Dr. Doo-Soo Park, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Director Zhang Cheng, Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health Director General Dr. Nidal Salim and International Water Resources Research Institute Director and Chungnam National University Professor Dr. Kwan-Sue Jung.

    The said agencies shall strive to cooperate and to promote the water industry and resolve problems in the Asia region through the following: a) conduct of joint research; b) sharsing Test-beds owned by the respective agencies and supporting their operation; c) supporting the promotion and AWC and their products; and, d) providing other cooperative support and needed assistance.

    “In an era of climate change, international cooperation and in adherence to the United Nations Sustainable Goal No. 6 on Water and Sanitation, this MOU initiated by the Asia Water Council will afford MWSS and the Philippine water supply industry access to modern research and technologies under the aegis of Build, Build, Build policy of President Duterte,” said the MWSS chief.