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Mumbaikars face 10% less water supply

  • 17 November, 2018 Mumbai this year received rainfall compared to the previous monsoon, which has resulted in less water storage in Cities Lake. To cope with the situations and shortage Mumbaikars may witness a cut in the daily supply as decided by BMC. The shortage of water is creating nightmares for the authorities as there is already a ruckus over the less supply and mismanagement.

    Talking about the water cut, it will be applicable to all entities like residential, commercial or other establishments. As per the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the water cut was expected due to less rainfall in the month of August and September this year as compared to June and July.

    Currently, BMC supplies 3,800 million liters of water to the financial capital of India, whereas, Mumbai's demand for water is 4,200 million liters of water every day. Now, after the 10% water cut, supply will get reduced by 380 million liters of water every day.

    Mumbai is not the only area in Maharashtra which is facing water shortage. Marathwada is already facing the water shortage problem.

    Inputs from IndiaToday