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AGRA: 19 localities hit with no water supply

  • November 19, 2018 - Agra was gifted with a pipeline to bring the supply of Ganga water to the local home. The central government funded Gangajal project is in a vain. As per a survey conducted by Jal Sansthan, 19 localities have no pipeline for the distribution of water under the project. Let us tell you AGRA is mostly dependent upon the Yamuna for its supply of water however as per the survey it would not suffice. Raw water from the Yamuna is treated at two water works stations in the city: Sikandra and Jeevani Mandi. Under the Gangajal project, rejuvenation work has been initiated at the Jeevani Mandi water works station. Here, work on a water treatment plant of 45 million liters per day (MLD) capacity has been completed. Work on one of the two 90 MLD plants is in process. After this, the other 90 MLD plant will undergo required repairing and maintenance work. The 144 MLD water works station at Sikandra has been already rejuvenated. Jal Nigam aims to start a supply of 350 million liters per day of Ganga water to Agra by the end of this month