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Evoqua to Work in UK for Severn Trent Water's Expansion

  • United States, July 3, 2018: U.S.-based Evoqua Water Technologies has been selected by U.K.'s company, Severn Trent Water and its design and construction partner, Costain, to supply Evoqua's BioMag® ballasted clarification system to both increase output and reduce phosphorus at the Rugby Sewage Treatment Works.

    Rugby will be Europe's first wastewater treatment plant with a permanent installation of Evoqua's ballasted BioMag system settling technology, which has been proven in facilities throughout the United States for more than seven years.

    Ed Ruswa, Senior Process Design Engineer for Severn Trent Water says, "Rugby is a thriving market town and in order to improve the water bodies in its catchment, a significant enhancement to the treated water quality and capacity for growth is going to be delivered by upgrading the existing sewage treatment works using the BioMag system."

    Ruswa futher added, "Conventional treatment methods would have required a large expansion at a higher cost, however by transferring this innovative technology from North America and following UK water industry funded pilot trials, the BioMag system will help Severn Trent deliver its customer funded objectives and continue to offer the cheapest customer bills in the UK."

    As per reports, the BioMag system uses the addition of magnetite – fully inert, iron ore particles – to enhance the existing activated sludge process. As a result, the settlement across the existing final settlement tanks is greatly improved even with the predicted 25% increase in flow anticipated at the works. Thus, it will help Severn Trent Water reduce both total suspended solids and phosphorus before the treated water discharges into the River Avon.